Private Gym Training Sessions-Fit Pro Travels to Client

Most people have a Personal Home Gym or Privately Owned Gym through their property manager (apartment gym) and they don't have the knowledge of how to properly utilize the equipment at their disposal.

I offer my services within your own personal setting in 60-minute Training Sessions.

Private Gym Sessions $80 Per Hour

Private Personal Training-Travel to My Private Gym

I have a Private Property Gym to my disposal, save money by traveling to the Fitness Professional. Training Sessions are 60-minutes in duration.

During this hour we will spend 10 minutes warming-up.

During your warm-up we will check-in on sleep, stress, nutrition etc.

5 Minutes of Stretching/Foam Rolling and Myofascial Release (with tiger tail)

30-45 Minutes-Strength Training (according to your goals)

5-10 Minute Cool Down/Stretch

Travel to the Pro-$60 per hour

Online Training Programming

Online Training is for clients who already know the names of exercises and how to perform the exercises sefely and correctly.

If you cannot understand this:

3x12 Bent Cable Row Supine Grip 2:2:4 Lifting Ratio

Super Set with

3x12 DB Hammer Curl 2:2:4 Lifting Ratio

30-90 Seconds rest between sets.

.....then you probably need one-on-one coaching.


Online coaching is for clients who already have the knowledge of exercises and are highly motivated. These clients are looking for Professional Programming and Structure within their program.


Online Coaching Program: 4 Weeks

Cost: $150 Per Month

1:1 Weekly Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching Sessions are scheduled weekly and last 60-minutes in duration.

During this time we will go over your "Strengths" & "Barriers" you encountered during the previous week along with your adherance to your Nutrition Program.

You will either choose to keep your current program, or make adjustments to add variety into your program.

We will go over your stress levels, sleeping patterns, activity level and training regime as well as dietary supplementation and healthy recipes.

Nutrition Coaching Prices:

$80 if the Fitness Professional Travels to your home.

$60 if you Travel to the Fitness Professional and/or Skype.

Online Nutrition Coaching

In today's face paced society, Online Nutrition Coaching is extremely beneficial to clients who have a solid foundation of nutritional knowledge and are self-driven and motivated.

With Online Nutrition Coaching you will recieve a Nutritional Program that best fits your goals and lifestyle. We will meet one time per month via Skype/Facetime to go over your "Strengths" & "Barriers" along with adherance to your Nutrition Program during the past few weeks.

During this 60-minute session we will adjust your Nutrition Program to introduce more variety or (upon your disgression) we will keep your Nutritional Program the exact same.

Online Nutrition Program - 4 weeks

$150 per month

Grocery Store Tour

The Grocery Store Tour is an integrative and hands-on experience for nutrition/training clients to educate themselves on shopping SMART.

During the 60-90 minute tour I will teach you how to shop for healthy foods, how to spot false "healthy" claims on packaging, how to read & interpret nutrition labels, and shop more cost affectively etc.

Do you know you want to avoid packaging that says "No Trans Fat," because they replace the "Trans Fat" with Sugar?

Do you know you want to avoid packaging that claims "Low-Fat," because there is added "Sugar" to replace the flavor lost from fat?

Do you know that Nutrition Labels are not regulated by the FDA or the USDA?

Let me teach you the Nutritional Fundamentals and how to Shop to reach your goals!

The Grocery Store Tour costs $80

Pantry Make-Over

How long has it been since your pantry has received a "make-over?"

During this 60 minute Pantry Make-Over the Nutrition Professional will give you tips and tricks for tossing out "healthy" foods which, in-fact, aren't so healthy while eduating you with suggestions for healthier supplementation.

For example: Most clients love Yoplait Yogurt. While many "think" these yogurt snaks are "healthy," they actually contain more sugar than most candy bars. Fact. Many argue these yogurts have "healthy fruit on the bottom." These particular fruits inside Yoplait yogurts are soaked in sugar and preserves.

A healthier alternative would be Oikos 0 sugar, 0 artificial flavor and 0 carb option would be best. Add 1/2 cup of your own FRESH fruit.

This Pantry Make-Over, along with a list of Healthier Alternatives costs $80

Bundle the Grocery Store Tour, Pantry Make-Over & Meal Prep Course for $150 (Regularly $240)